Our Team


We want our clients to experience full risk management for their most important investments. That's why our insurance plans ensure you're fully covered now and in the future. We specialize in home, auto, and financial services. Our team will provide a variety of coverage options and help clients decide on a plan that is right for them. We take care of even the smallest details in the insurance process.

Trust our insurance company to take care of your family's largest investments. Whether you're buying a starter home or upgrading your old car, we're here to provide the best insurance at the lowest premiums possible. Choose the reliable team at Family First Insurance Services and experience insurance that protects you from the unexpected in life. Call us today to get a free quote!

Kenneth Merrel
Agency Owner
Kristen Poland
General Manager
Kristine Scovill
Operations & Customer Service Manager
Andrea Pinnock
Licensed Customer Service Assistant
Kelli Barrett
Licensed Sales Professional
Jessica Martinez
Licensed Sales Assistant
Angie Way
Licensed Sales Assistant
Kortnee Holley- VanValkenburgh
Licensed Customer Service Agent
Claire McGeachy
Licensed Customer Service Agent
Sophia Merrell
Licensed Receptionist
Caitlin Nguyen
Licensed Sales Professional